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Queering Friendships Zine #1

A zine dedicated to exploring love and intimacy between queer friends and platonic lovers <3

What is love? Intimacy? Romance?.... Many of us are left out of a culture that centers on white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, monogamous, and romantic relationships. We’ve been conditioned to love based on obligation and expectation, so it takes peeling away of these layers to fully see ourselves and see each other. Queer intimacy stretches far beyond the parameters of who we date or have sex with, it comes in infinite shapes and forms. For many of us, this love is shared and cultivated within our friendships and platonic partnerships. There is so much power in queer intimacy in the ways that we show up for eachother as we move through a world of oppression. This project is here to celebrate the beauty of queer friendship and provide a space to explore the ranges of intimacy within these relationships. This zine features submissions from amazing artists and writers from the QTPOC community. Find out more about each contributor in the back of the zine. Support queer and trans artists of color by distributing $ directly, sharing resources, and interacting with their work. Thank you reading, take care

(self published, 2020)

Listen to #blessed, a submission from Sarya Wu (lyrics on pg.59 in the zine)

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