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Queering Friendships Zine #2

Hi :) Thanks for joining me in celebrating queer frienship, queer intimacy, queer connection, queer yearning, queer dreaming, queer love. As we all try to create our own recipe for loving eachother outside of cis-het norms, we find that loving is an action, ever expansive, and abundant. This zine is a gathering space for QTBIPOC artists, writers, poets, photographers, and friends to witness one another, and explore all kinds of intimacy that exists. Why limit ways of loving, when we can break the molds of oppresson, and choose to love with care and intention. The quesion is always how can we be more loving to ourselves, and how can we extend that love to our communities. We need eachother to survive and thrive, and this zine is all about how queer friendships is truly why we are all here.

(self published, 2022)


more coming soon...

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