mixed rice zines features a mixture of voices in celebrating queer and trans resilience :)
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submissions are now open for


have your friendships saved your life?

let us celebrate and dream togayther with our* queer trans loves and chosen fam!


submit your love letters


submission guidelines
♥ this zine is by and for QTBIPoC (basically don't submit if ur yt)
♥ collab on something with ur frands, or send in a solo reflection
♥ visual submissions: plz limit to 2 pages max in greyscale (1 page is a 8.5"x11" letter)
♥ audio submissions: plz limit to 3 minutes max
♥ email your submission, or fill out this form!

♥ submission deadline: spring 2023

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you can reach me at mixedricezines@gmail.com